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Dublin City Council backs BDS

By MEMO, April 10, 2018

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Dublin City Councillors yesterday voted to back the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, and also urged the Irish government to expel Israel’s ambassador over the recent killings of Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip.

According to reports, “the Sinn Féin motion was passed at a monthly council meeting as the party’s first Lord Mayor Mícheál Mac Donncha prepares to travel to a conference in Jerusalem at the invitation of the Palestinian Authority.”
Councillors also passed a motion from People Before Profit Councillor John Lyons “calling on the city council to boycott Hewlett Packard goods and services with the company’s contract with the council due to expire in September”, on the basis that HP is complicit in Israel’s occupation.

Meanwhile, Lord Mayor Mac Donncha said in a statement that he was travelling as Lord Mayor of the capital city of Ireland to acknowledge East Jerusalem is the designated capital of Palestine.

“I am also here to express solidarity with the people of Palestine who are suffering violence from Israeli forces, as witnessed in Gaza most recently with the shooting down of protesters,” he said.
The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) warmly welcomed the support of Dublin City Council for the BDS campaign.

“Speaking as a Palestinian and a Dubliner I’m so proud that the local government of my adoptive the city has voted to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people’s struggle for freedom, justice and equality,” said IPSC Chairperson Fatin Al Tamimi.

“It is wonderful that Dublin City Council will now become part of the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement called for by Palestinian civil society. It is particularly welcome that the council chose to focus on Hewlett-Packard and its spin-off DXC, as these companies have been profiteering from the violent oppression of Palestinians and illegal colonisation of their land.”

Al Tamimi added: “BDS is the most effective way for international supporters of Palestinians rights to put pressure on the Israeli state to end its decades of colonial oppression of my people.”
The full text of the BDS-related motion is as follows:
“Since its violent establishment in 1948 through the ethnic cleansing of more than half of the indigenous people of Palestine, the state of Israel has denied Palestinians their fundamental rights and has refused to comply with international law; noting also that Israel continues to illegally occupy and colonise Palestinian land, discriminate against Palestinian citizens of Israel, imposes an inhumane blockade and siege of Gaza and denies Palestinian refugees the right to return to their homes, this City Council fully supports and endorses the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement for freedom, equality and justice and commits itself to discontinue all business contracts it has with Hewlett-Packard, both HP  Inc. (PCs and printers), and Hewlett Packard Enterprise for business and government services, as well as the HP spin-off DXC Technology as HP and DXC provide and operate much of the technology infrastructure that Israel uses to maintain its system of apartheid and settler colonialism over the Palestinian people.”

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Lock, Stock and Blame Israel

Video of the week -Gaza "Peaceful" Demo 2018-

MiDA, By Daniel Krygier 02/04/2018
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The international community that demanded Israel retreat from Gaza, now attacks Israel for defending its border against Hamas, whose assault on Israel they qualify as “freedom of expression.”

International reactions to the recent Hamas-organized Gaza border aggression against Israel follow the predictable script.

The purpose of Hamas’s “March of Return” was to erase the border and to flood Israel with Gaza Arabs. Israel did what it had to do to defend its border and its citizens. The international community though, turns reality upside down, portraying Israel as the “villain” and the Islamist attackers as “victims.”

The attack on Israel’s border also destroyed whatever remained of the cherished leftist fairytale of “extremists on both sides undermining peace”.

The EU especially once again found itself on the wrong side of history. EU’s Foreign Policy chief Federica Mogherini summarized the endemic international hypocrisy against Israel with the Orwellian words, “Freedom of expression and freedom of assembly are fundamental rights that must be respected.”

Threatening Israel’s internationally recognized border and attacking Israeli soldiers with machine guns and Molotov cocktails hardly qualifies as “freedom of expression.” The only “freedom of assembly” that Gaza’s terrorist-regime permits is violent incitement against Israel and Jews. By contrast, the EU and most of the world ignore the Kurdish people’s freedom of expression and national freedom as well as countless other oppressed nations worldwide.

Once again, Mogherini emphasized EU’s long-adopted anti-Israel policy of “do as we say, not as we do”.

“The EU mourns the loss of life. Our thoughts are with the families of the victims. The use of live ammunition should, in particular, be part of an independent and transparent investigation. While Israel has the right to protect its borders, the use of force must be proportionate at all times.”

What is the “proportionate” response to Islamist machine guns, Molotov cocktails and rocks according to the EU? In the case of the EU itself, the answer is obvious. Nine terrorists were killed during and after the Islamist terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015. France also bombed Islamist targets in Syria.

The same year, Danish police killed an Islamist radical who murdered a Jewish security guard and another civilian in Copenhagen. In July 2016, German police killed a 17-year old Afghan Muslim who attacked train passengers in Würzburg with an axe and a knife. During the London Bridge attack in June 2017, British security forces killed three Islamist terrorists. In March 2018, French police killed an Islamist extremist that attacked a supermarket in the French town Trèbes. The list goes on and so does the hypocrisy.

Neither the UN nor the EU called for an “independent and transparent investigation” in any of these cases. Only Israel is accused of “disproportionate” force, despite facing far more serious and frequent threats than any other Western democracy.

The same international community that demanded that Israel retreat from Gaza, now hypocritically attacks Israel for defending its border with Gaza against Hamas, an Islamist enemy openly seeking Israel’s destruction. Israeli civilian lives in border communities would have been seriously threatened, even if only a small number of armed terrorists would have managed to penetrate Israel’s border with Gaza.

Israel does not only have the right but a duty to defend its citizens like any country in the world.

The Pope joined the international linguistic pogrom against Israel by claiming that “defenseless” Arabs are killed in the Holy Land.

In reality, at least ten of the 17 killed Gazans were armed Islamist terrorists. However, in the international “Blame the Jews” game, there is little demand for verifiable facts.

Hamas systematically and cynically exploits it to the limit. Gaza’s Islamist rulers reportedly sent a 7-year-old Arab girl to the border with the hope that Israeli soldiers would unintentionally kill her and cause international condemnations of Israel. Thankfully, Israeli soldiers discovered the girl in time and took her out of harm’s way.

While extremists exist in all societies, their respective status differs dramatically. In 1994, the Jewish extremist Baruch Goldstein murdered 29 Muslim worshippers in Hebron. An overwhelming majority of world Jewry condemned this heinous terror attack. On January 29 2017, the Christian white supremacist Alexandre Bissonnette murdered six Muslim worshippers in Quebec. The overwhelming majority in Canada and the free world condemned this heinous terror attack.

While extremists like Goldstein and Bissonnette are despised fringe elements in the Jewish and Christian worlds, extremists are in power in much of the Islamic world and looked upon as role models by millions of Muslims. There are no city squares or streets in Israel named after Baruch Goldstein. By contrast, “moderate” PLO names city squares and streets after terrorists who murder Jews.

Israeli children are taught in a spirit of mutual respect and coexistence. By contrast, Hamas and PLO brainwash their children that Jews are “sons of apes and pigs” and that Israel must be destroyed.

In Israel, children dream about becoming pilots, sport stars or entrepreneurs. In the territories ruled by PLO and Hamas, terrorists who murder Jews are praised as “heroes” and their families receive cash stipends.

It is therefore hardly surprising that many brainwashed Muslim children dream about becoming shahids or “martyrs” who die while murdering Jews.


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Violence At The Security Fence

Video Of The Week - 'Israel is simply defending itself'-

The Israeli military on Saturday night identified 10 of the 15 people 
reported killed during violent protests along the Gaza security fence 
as members of Palestinian terrorist groups, and published a list 
of their names and positions in the organizations.

On Friday, some 30,000 Palestinians took part in demonstrations along the Gaza border, during which rioters threw rocks and firebombs at Israeli troops on the other side of the fence, burned tires and scrap wood, sought to breach and damage the security fence, and in one case opened fire at Israeli soldiers.

The army said that its sharpshooters targeted only those taking explicit violent action against Israeli troops or trying to break through or damage the security fence. Video footage showed that in one case a rioter, whom the army included in its list of Hamas members, appeared to be shot while running away from the border. The army in response accused Hamas of editing and/or fabricating its videos.

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According to the Israel Defense Forces (Arabic link), eight of the men killed were members of Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip. One served in the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, and another was affiliated with “global jihad,” it said, apparently referring to one of the Salafist groups in Gaza.

Earlier on Saturday, Hamas publicly acknowledged that five members of its military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, were among the fatalities.

The army did not provide evidence for its identifications. Most could be independently verified with photographic evidence of the operatives wearing uniforms or receiving a military-style funeral from the terror group in question. Others could not be immediately substantiated. At least one appears to be partially incorrect.

The IDF identified Hamdan Abu Amsha as belonging to Hamas, yet in his funeral he was wrapped in a flag belonging to a different terrorist group, Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, and a Fatah-affiliated Twitter account claimed him as “our martyr.”

Palestinians carry the body of Hamdan Abu Amsha, said killed a day earlier by Israeli fire during a mass border protest along the security fence, in Beit Hanoun in the northern of Gaza Strip, on March 31, 2018. (AFP/ MAHMUD HAMS)

The army said that at least one of the Hamas members, Sari Abu Odeh, was part of the group’s elite Nukhba force and that another, Muhammad Abu Amro, served in its tunnel operations. (The IDF’s Arabic spokesman provided more details in Arabic via Twitter.)

The IDF identified one of the two Hamas members who shot at Israeli soldiers on Friday evening and attempted to breach the security fence, before they were shot dead, as 23-year-old Mussa’b al-Saloul.

Gaza’s Hamas terrorist rulers released these images of members of its military wing who it acknowledged were among 15 Gazans it said were killed by Israeli fire during clashes along the security fence on Friday, March 30, 2018.
Palestinian media reported that the bodies of the two gunmen were captured by Israeli soldiers. The IDF would not officially comment on this claim.

The oldest operative identified was Jihad Farina, 35, a company commander in Hamas’s military wing; the youngest was 19-year-old Ahmad Odeh, who served in the terror group’s Shati Battalion, the army said.

Palestinians hurl stones toward Israeli soldiers during a protest near the Gaza Strip border with Israel, in eastern Gaza City, Saturday, March 31, 2018. (AP/ Khalil Hamra)
Hamas claimed those killed were taking part “in popular events side-by-side with their people.”

Thousands attended funerals in Gaza Saturday for 14 of those killed — two were buried on Friday — with mourners holding Palestinian flags and some chanting “revenge” and firing into the air.

“Where are you, Arabs? Where are you, Muslims?” mourners chanted at one funeral, calling on the Arab and Muslim world to intervene. A general strike was held in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

IDF Spokesman Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis said on Saturday that all those killed were engaged in violence, adding that Gaza health officials exaggerated the number of those wounded and that several dozen at most were injured by live fire while the rest were merely shaken up by tear gas and other riot dispersal means.

Manelis said on Friday evening that the army had faced “a violent, terrorist demonstration at six points” along the fence. He said the IDF used “pinpoint fire” wherever there were attempts to breach or damage the security fence. “All the fatalities were aged 18-30, several of the fatalities were known to us, and at least two of them were members of Hamas commando forces,” he said.

The Palestinians’ march to Gaza’s border with Israel on Friday was the largest such demonstration in recent memory, calling for Palestinians to be allowed to return to land that their ancestors fled from in the 1948 War of Independence. It was dubbed the “March of Return.”

A picture taken on March 30, 2018 shows Palestinians taking part in a demonstration commemorating Land Day near the border with Israel east of Gaza City. (AFP/Mahmud Hams)
The death toll from Friday’s protest was provided by the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry, which also added that some 1,400 Palestinians were injured during the protests, over half by live rounds. Israeli authorities have no way to independently confirm the casualty reports.

Manelis warned Saturday that if violence drags on along the Gaza border, Israel will expand its reaction to strike the terrorists behind it. The military has thus far restricted its response to those trying to breach its border, but if attacks continue it will go after terrorists “in other places, too,” he said.

Manelis reiterated that Israel “will not allow a massive breach of the fence into Israeli territory.”

He said that Hamas and other Gaza terror groups were using protests as a cover for staging attacks. If violence continues, “we will not be able to continue limiting our activity to the fence area and will act against these terror organizations in other places too,” he said.

Hamas is an Islamist terror group that seeks to destroy Israel. It seized control of Gaza from Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah in a violent coup in 2007.

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar (C) shouts slogans and flashes the victory gesture as he takes part in a tent city protest near the Gaza border on March 30, 2018 to commemorate Land Day. (AFP PHOTO / Mohammed ABED)
The army has remained on high alert even as the violence appeared to abate Friday evening, amid fears of persisting attacks, including infiltration attempts and rocket fire.

Protest organizers have said mass marches would continue until May 15, the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel. Palestinians mark that date as their “nakba,” or catastrophe, when hundreds of thousands left or were forced to leave during the 1948 War of Independence. The vast majority of Gaza’s two million people are their descendants.

At previous peace talks, the Palestinians have always demanded, along with sovereignty in the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem, and the Old City, a “right of return” to Israel for Palestinian refugees who left or were forced out of Israel when it was established. The Palestinians demand this right not only for those of the hundreds of thousands of refugees who are still alive — a figure estimated in the low tens of thousands — but also for their descendants, who number in the millions.

No Israeli government would ever be likely to accept this demand, since it would spell the end of Israel as a Jewish-majority state. Israel’s position is that Palestinian refugees and their descendants would become citizens of a Palestinian state at the culmination of the peace process, just as Jews who fled or were forced out of Middle Eastern countries by hostile governments became citizens of Israel.


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Gaza “March of Return” – The Complete Picture

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§  The avowed tactical objectives of the Gaza “March of Return” on March 30, 2018, are opposition to the policies of the U.S. administration and the “deal of the century,” the U.S. initiative to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
§  The march’s emphasis has been placed on media exposure and influencing world public opinion.
All of the Palestinian organizations are planning to turn Land Day on March 30, 2018, into a show of strength that will express the Palestinian demand for the realization of their “right of return.” The practical implication of the return is the removal of the Jewish population of the State of Israel from their homes in order to absorb millions of Palestinians defined as “refugees from 1948” and their generations of descendants.
The “March of Return” is planned as just the first stage in a series of “return” protest activities that will take place over the next few months, including demonstrations and attempts to break the naval embargo on the Gaza Strip. These activities will reach their peak in the middle of May 2018 (Nakba Day) and will also continue in June (al-Quds day).
Besides Gaza, Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem, and at the sites of protest activities in the Israeli-Arab sector, tensions are also expected to flare up along the borders with Lebanon and Jordan. The “return” protest may cause shockwaves throughout the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, where most of its residents are Palestinian.
Turkish Involvement?
The main dangers are terror attacks and public disturbances under the umbrella of the “march of return,” which will lead to a deterioration in the security situation and the risk of a military flare-up. Turkey is leading a hostile stance against Israel. Its aggressive regional policy with Israel may create an intentional crisis with Israel in the area of the Temple Mount, fomented by Turkish “tourists” recently sent to the al-Aqsa mosque.
Below are the main features of the general picture of the situation at this stage:
§  The national committee for the march of return is led by Khaled al-Batsh, one of the leaders of Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip.
§  The committee includes various nationalist and Islamic organizations (including political movements such as Fatah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad), social groups, and others.
§  The committee runs 13 sub-committees, including a legal committee, a committee for creating international contacts, and a security committee.
§  The committee coordinates its activities with Palestinian organizations in Judea and Samaria that are planning to organize similar marches of return.
§  The avowed strategic objective of the march of return is the realization of the right of return of Palestinian refugees from 1948 and their descendants, regardless of generation.
Illustration on the Hamas website

The declared tactical objective of the march of return is opposition to the “deal of the century,” the U.S. initiative to resolve the Middle East conflict, and the U.S. administration’s policies of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and limiting aid to UNRWA. The main emphasis of these activities is on media exposure and influencing worldwide public opinion.
A “Peaceful” March Won’t Happen
Features of the planned activities include a mass Palestinian presence along the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, erecting tents along the border, and “peaceful” marches of return.  The expression “peaceful” is a euphemism for violent disturbances of public order, including attempts to kill Israelis.
The leaders of the committee are authorized to decide for the mob to break through the border fence between Gaza and Israel, and they have hinted at their intention to issue such an order.
At the same time, and in conjunction with the activities connected to the march of return, Palestinian and pro-Palestinian organizations in Europe are arranging protest activities for the realization of the right to return and a flotilla for breaking the embargo on the Gaza Strip.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Revolutionary Eye Drops That Could Replace Glasses

Video Of The Week –Secrets beneath the “Western Wall”-

By Simona Shemer, NoCamels March 05, 2018

Israeli ophthalmologists at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem and Bar-Ilan University’s Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA) revealed last month that they have successfully developed eyedrops that repair the corneas, improving near-sighted and far-sighted vision. These “nanodrops” were successfully tested on pigs’ corneas, according to the researchers, and are expected to be tested on humans in clinical trials later this year.

If proven successful on humans, the groundbreaking discovery could remove the need for eyeglasses. The nanodrops are made up of a synthetic nanoparticle solution, which helps correct cornea-related vision problems.

Dr. David Smadja, a research associate at BINA and the Head of the Ophthalmology Research Unit at Shaare Zedek who led the team of ophthalmologists, made the announcement at Shaare Zedek’s second annual research conference last month. He said the nanodrops could “revolutionize ophthalmological and optometry treatments of patients with myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and other refractory conditions,” The Jerusalem Post reported. According to Dr. Smadja, the drops could eventually replace multifocal lenses, and allow people to see objects from different distances. “This is a new concept for correcting refractory problems,” Smadja added.

Smadja did not say how often the eye drops needed to be implemented to fix corneas or replace glasses. It was also unclear what additional work was needed before moving on to clinical trials on humans.

A research abstract of the experiment on pigs analyzed the refractive errors of 10 pig eyes before and after the introduction of the “nanodrops,” and the results “have shown promising potential for a revolutionary alternative non-invasive correction of refractive errors.”

If the clinical testing on humans is successful, potential patients will be able to use a smartphone app to “measure their eye refraction at home, create a laser pattern, and then ‘laser corneal stamping’ of an optical pattern onto the corneal surface of their eyes,” The Jerusalem Post reports.

Smadja worked with Professor Zeev Zalevsky of Bar Ilan’s Kofkin Faculty of Engineering and Professor Jean-Paul Lellouche of Department of Chemistry the BIU Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, along with other experts from the Shaare Zedek Medical Center, to develop the eye drops.


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Palestinians increase payments to terrorists

Video Of The Week- Whose land is it? -

By: United with Israel Staff

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While the PA paid terrorists and their families more than $347 million in 2017, it increased terror incentives by $56 million to $403 million for 2018.

A bill that would slash funding to the Palestinian Authority (PA) according to the sum the PA pays out to convicted terrorists and their families was approved in its first reading by the Knesset plenum on Monday.

Fifty-two lawmakers supported the bill, introduced by Member of Knesset (MK) Elazar Stern, which would deduct payments paid out by the PA to Palestinian prisoners and their relatives from tax revenues Israel transfers annually to the PA. 

Only 10 lawmakers voted against the legislation.
Israel collects an estimated $2.1 billion in tax revenues for the PA, in accordance with the 1994 Paris Protocol, which governs economic relations with the PA, including import taxes on goods passing through Israel to the Palestinians.

During the discussion on the bill, MK Avi Dichter said that the Palestinian Authority (PA) has increased its payments to terrorists and their families by nearly $56 million in 2018.

Avi Dichter, former Shin Bet (Israel’s Security Agency) head and current Head of the Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee, pointed out that PA head Mahmoud Abbas authorized the 2018 PA budget on Sunday, and that there is a PA law that allocates 7 percent of each budget to paying terrorists, or to their families, if they are killed during the attack.

The PA paid terrorists and their families more than $347 million in 2017. The sum will now jump to $403 million.
Dichter explained that the increase “means that the PA will employ more terrorists as PA workers. Except that the terrorists who work for the PA have a special quality – they are employed both as dead and living terrorists.”

Murderers, like the two who killed five of the Fogel family members in 2011, “are heroes to the PA. This is not a whim. It’s in the PA’s constitution,” Dichter added, according to the Jerusalem Post.

According to Israel’s Defense Ministry, the PA in 2017 paid NIS 687 million to the so-called “martyrs’ families fund” and NIS 550 million to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club – some seven percent of its overall budget.

Palestinian prisoners serving 20-30 year sentences for carrying out terror attacks are eligible for a lifetime NIS 10,000 monthly stipend, the Defense Ministry said, citing PA figures.

Those who receive a three-to-five-year sentence get a monthly wage of NIS 2,000. Palestinian prisoners who are married, have children, live in Jerusalem, or hold Israeli citizenship receive additional payments.

During the debate which preceded the vote, Stern said that “in the current situation, there is an incentive to engage in terror activities, and this postpones peace. Palestinians themselves have testified during interrogations that they continued to engage in terror in order to be imprisoned and receive more money. This law is meant not only to promote the safety of the citizens and residents of the State of Israel, but also to promote peace.”

The Knesset bill is similar to the Taylor Force Act, which is on its way to becoming law in the US after a nearly-two-year effort. The Act was inspired by the murder of Taylor Force, a West Point Graduate and United States Army veteran, in Tel Aviv in March of 2016.


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IDF thwarted attempted Islamic State bombing of Airline

Video Of The Week – Save A Child’s Heart -
In August, two men were arrested plotting to blow up an Etihad Airways flight out of Sydney; Israel's Military Intelligence says it's the reason why.

From The Times Of Israel, by JUDAH ARI GROSS, 21-2- 2018 (full article and VIDEO)

The Israeli army on Wednesday revealed that the Military Intelligence Unit 8200 foiled an Islamic State attempt to bomb a flight from Australia last August.

“The unit provided exclusive intelligence that led to the prevention of an air attack by the Islamic State in 2017 in Australia,” a senior IDF officer said.

“The foiling of the attack saved dozens of innocent lives and proved Unit 8200’s position as a major player in the intelligence fight against the Islamic State,” the officer said, on condition of anonymity.

Wednesday’s revelation was an unusual move for the Israeli army, which generally keeps mum on the operations of the secretive Unit 8200, which is similar to the American National Security Agency, collecting information from electronic communication, also referred to as signals intelligence.

Soldiers from the 8200 Unit in training (photo credit: Moshe Shai/Flash90)
Later in the day Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked the unit for foiling the attack.

“Thank you to the Israeli intelligence services. We revealed today that the security agencies prevented the shooting down of an Australian airliner. This is just one of the dozens of terrorist attacks that we have stopped around the world. [The intelligence services] deserve all the support we can give, not only for protecting the citizens of Israel, but for protecting people all over the world,” he said in a speech to American Jewish leaders.

Indeed, this prowess in intelligence gathering and counter-terrorism is a central selling point for Israel in its efforts to create and maintain relationships with foreign countries.

The foiled attack
In August, Australian security forces arrested two men suspected of trying to place an improvised explosive device on an Etihad Airways flight out of Sydney in a plot directed by Islamic State.

One of the men, a 49-year-old from Sydney, brought the device to Sydney airport on July 15 in a piece of luggage that he had asked his brother to take with him on the flight — without telling the brother that the bag contained explosives, Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner Michael Phelan said at the time. But the bag never got past the check-in counter. Instead, Phelan said, the 49-year-old man left the airport with the bag, and his brother continued onto the flight without it.

“This is one of the most sophisticated plots that has ever been attempted on Australian soil,” Phelan told reporters at the time. “If it hadn’t been for the great work of our intelligence agencies and law enforcement over a very quick period of time, then we could well have a catastrophic event in this country.”

People crowd a terminal at Sydney’s domestic airport as passengers are subjected to increased security, in Sydney, Australia, Monday, July 31, 2017 (Dean Lewins/AAP Image via AP)
The components of the device they planned to use, including what Phelan described as a “military-grade explosive,” were sent by a senior Islamic State member to the men in Sydney via air cargo from Turkey. An Islamic State commander then instructed the two men how to assemble the device, which police later recovered, Phelan said.

According to Australian authorities, when that attack failed, the suspects then planned to release highly toxic hydrogen sulfide gas in order to poison people. But they were arrested before their plot could advance significantly.

No specific targets had been chosen for the planned hydrogen sulfide attack, though an Islamic State member overseas had given the men suggestions about where such devices could be placed, such as crowded areas or on public transportation, Phelan said.

Police had no idea either of the plans were in the works until they received the tip from Israel on July 26. They arrested the men on July 29.

The big Unit 8200
On Wednesday, the IDF also revealed it thwarted a recent Iranian cyber attack against Israeli public and private systems, though it did not provide additional details on what was targeted and when.

“This foiling was possible thanks to the close tracking of the Iranian network’s activities,” the officer said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a lunch meeting at the 54th Munich Security Conference on February 16, 2018. (AFP Photo/ DPA/Sven Hoppe)
The intelligence unit also credited itself with helping reduce the number of terror attacks in the West Bank by so-called lone wolves — people who act independently, without direction from a terrorist group — through special algorithms that identify potential assailants.

“We work closely with all the divisions and regional commands. The unit’s products are critically and operationally relevant, directly assisting the activities of forces in the field,” the officer said.

Unit 8200 is one of the largest units in the IDF.

According to the prime minister, the unit is the “second largest” national security agency in the world, after only that of the United States.

“The United States is 42 times larger than the State of Israel. Its NSA is not 42 times the size of Israel’s NSA, it’s not even 10 times the size,” Netanyahu boasted to business leaders in Munich on Friday.